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Mission, Goals, and Learning Outcomes


The University of Tennessee, Knoxville places academic advising within the teaching/learning mission of the institution and recognizes it to be a critical component of students’ educational experience and undergraduate success. Faculty, administrators, and professional staff promote academic advising as a shared responsibility with students. Academic advising serves to develop and enrich students’ educational plans in ways that are consistent with their personal values, goals, and career plans, preparing them for a life of learning in a global society.


  • To foster a campus culture that supports academic advising as a shared responsibility essential to the educational experience and student success
  • To assist students in becoming responsible, self-directed learners and skilled decision makers
  • To assist in the development of educational plans that are consistent with students’ personal values, goals, and career plans
  • To encourage holistic engagement with the college experience (academically, socially, culturally, and professionally) preparing students for a life of learning in a global society

Student Learning Outcomes

Students will demonstrate they know

  • Curricular requirements, progression standards, and course sequencing related to a chosen/intended academic program in order to graduate in a timely fashion
  • The career and professional development opportunities available as well as on-campus support for identification and exploration of career paths
  • Academic policies and procedures
  • Campus resources and support systems that promote academic success

Students will demonstrate they can

  • Develop an academic plan and assess degree progress through graduation
  • Critically reflect upon academic and career goals
  • Develop skills and strategies for academic success that include accessing and using institutional resources, policies, and procedures
  • Take responsibility for making decisions regarding their academic success

Students will demonstrate they value/appreciate

  • The importance of academic planning and their role in the process
  • The importance of enhancing their degree with cocurricular/extracurricular and inter/intracultural experiences
  • Their responsibilities as educated citizens of UT and of a democratic, diverse, and global society
  • The educational process and learning across the lifespan

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