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GradesFirst Access Form

GradesFirst Overview

  • Advising Management – streamline advisor workflow leaving more room for student engagement and retention
    • Appointment management including appointment campaigns
    • Analytics for reasons students seek appointments, shows high demand days/times/periods of semester, track no-shows and cancellations
    • Reports for advisor statistics
    • Shared notes on students including student support services and Early Alert
  • Tutoring Management – maximize tutoring investment reinforcing academic discipline and increasing student success.
    • Students log on to see tutoring offerings – whether appointments or walk-ins. May schedule tutoring appointments.
    • Writing Center, Math Tutorial Center, Chemistry Tutorial Center, tutoring at Multicultural Student Life and Student Success Center, Supplemental Instruction
  • Other academic support –
    • Student Success Center academic coaching
    • Career Services
    • Honors
    • Undergraduate Research
    • National Scholarships and Fellowships
  • Early Alert – ensure all students who are performing poorly are identified at-risk before it’s too late.
    • Send targeted emails to faculty who teach FY students for feedback. Any GF user may submit ad-hoc feedback as well. Students may be tagged as at-risk which shows in red on the student’s record easily visible by all who have access to the student. At-risk designation will also show on faculty and advisor lists of students.
  • Track attendance at events – swipe students in for college/department events (follow-ups may include communications, tagging students into affinity groups, etc.
  • Mass communication to students – based on major, class or cohort, GPA ranges, etc.
  • Reports – all reports can be filtered by GPA range, credit hour range, gender, race, category (e.g., college, cohort, etc.), tag (attributes brought in from Banner or added in GradesFirst), major, specific courses/sections, class. All reports may be exported to Excel. Students who appear in the report may be tagged, sent a message, have a note added (either individually or en masse).
    • Student Reports – variety of filters may be applied
      • “Students active for term” – students enrolled
      • “Students with/without Advisors” – advisor for each student. Students with multiple advisors (either via Banner or GradesFirst) will appear on multiple lines
      • “Students with courses” – names of the courses for the students with a drop indicator and drop date – multiple rows for each student with multiple courses
      • “Students by Category and Course” – more course detail than “students with courses”
      • “Student Services” – what services each student has used (advising, tutoring, attendance at events) – each service is shown on the individual student’s record
    • Advisor and Tutor Reports – variety of filters may be applied
      • “Advisor/tutor appointments” and “advisor appointment details” – appointment information – who scheduled the appointment, how long it lasted, was an advising report submitted, appointment type (scheduled or walk-in), appointment reasons (as indicated by who scheduled the appointment).
      • “Advisor/tutor summaries” and “advisor detail summaries” – information as above on appointment reports – but include the reason(s) submitted on the advising report, no-shows, and cancellations.
      • “Advisor/tutor reasons” – count for each reason, average, longest, and shortest duration of appointments for each reason. Can be filtered by location to select only specific unit’s data.
      • “Advisor/tutor activity” more details on the students who had appointments
      • “Advisor/tutor cancellations” and “advisor/tutor no-shows” and “advisor/tutor stats”
    • Analytics – may be filtered by location (college/unit) and date range. May be printed or saved as PDF.
      • “Appointments” – appointments by type, by week, cancellations, no-shows
      • “Activity overview” – emails, texts, phone calls generated from GF
      • “Heat map” – appointments by day of the week, month, time of day
      • Additional advising and tutoring reports may be generated within analytics – by advisor/tutor name shows # of appointments, # of hours scheduled for appointments, # attendees, cancellations, no-shows