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Student Success Referral Guide for Faculty

  1. Purpose – Create a shared student success conversation
  2. Assessing Students’ Challenges – time of entry, institutional culture, collegiate career
  3. UT Referrals/Resources – comprehensive contact information
  4. Success Glossary – defines success and risk terms and UT resources and referrals


  • Recognize….that ALL students experience “bumps in the road”
  • Understand….potential risk factors for student departure
  • Act….by identifying possible resources, interventions, or support services to address the varied needs of students
  • Close the Gap…..connect with students and partner with academic support staff and student life staff
  • Engage in a shared student success conversation

A Continuum of Risk

  • At-risk: Conceptualize “risk” to include all factors that can reduce a student’s chance of graduating from UT, rather than limiting its review to academic factors.
  • Every student has some degree of risk of not graduating until the time that he or she actually completes all graduation requirements.

Assessing Students’ Challenges

  •  Factors that may be inherent to the student at the time of entry into an institution
    • academic preparation
    • transfer status ( 2 or 4 yr)
    • academic motivation and effort
    • socioeconomic status
    • first-generation (level of parental education)
  • Factors that may be inherent to the student’s institution and program
    • institutional culture
    • academic rigor of degree
    • academic and social support
  • Factors that arise during a student’s collegiate career
    • not progressing to major
    • change of major/career
    • personal issues
    • loss of financial aid/scholarships
    • level of engagement with UT community

Student Success Referral Guide Summary

  • Provides a tool to ensure all students are being referred to resources that can best support them
  • Close the gap!  Connect with students and partner with academic support staff and student life staff
  • Respond to Navigate “Academic Alert requests” sent by Student Success Center