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Preparing for an Advising Appointment

Because students are expected to be active participants in the advising process you should prepare before coming to your advising appointment.

  1. Understand degree requirements of colleges and majors you are considering.
  2. Know the university’s advising policy, and schedule your advising appointment early.
  3. Be prompt for your appointment.
  4. Review the curriculum before your appointment.
  5. Explore university resources.
  6. Be aware of drop/add deadlines and additional university requirements.
  7. Read course descriptions to be aware of any prerequisites and co requisites.
  8. Prepare a list of questions for you and your advisor to discuss.
  9. Know what courses are being offered by reviewing the timetable of classes.
  10. Review your DARS report.
  11. Review your uTrack report.

How to schedule your advising appointment online using Vol Academic Connect.

 Instructions – scheduling

All advising centers use Vol Academic Connect for appointment scheduling. Academic departments are increasingly using Vol Academic Connect as well. Check to see if your major department is using Vol Academic Connect.